Application For The New Pastors Cohort, 2019-2020


The First Cohort Program for New Pastors will begin in October of 2019 and conclude in June of 2021. The goal is to bring together a group of six to eight new pastors for interaction and shared learning around a retreat based program led by a facilitator and two experienced mentors. The mentors embody both a wealth of experience as pastoral leaders and a commitment to learning from and mentoring fellow pastors in their first years of ministry.

Cohort participants will be selected based upon the application and and an interview with a member of the Cohort leadership team. A significant factor in the selection process will be the applicant’s reflection concerning the need for and openness to learning in a small group setting over time. The effectiveness of any cohort is rooted in the commitment of its participants to shared learning and growth. All expenses related to participation in the cohort (accommodations, travel, and meals) are covered by the Helping Pastors Thrive program.


Pastors applying to the Cohort Program must meet the following minimal requirements and be fully aware of the following obligations and conditions:

  1. Applicants must be serving in their first position in pastoral ministry or in their first position as a senior or lead pastor.

  2. Applicants should be aware that participation in the cohort is a two-year commitment that will require attendance at all four two night/three day retreats.

  3. As a cohort-based program, members along with mentors and facilitators will be responsible for a portion of the actual design of the program based upon identified needs, emerging issues in practice, and personal and professional experiences that occur during the two-year program.

The Application can be accessed through the link below and consists of two parts. Part 1 must be completed online and includes most of information you will provide. Part 2 of is for uploading documents that might best be shared as PDFs or in a word processing format. Answers to some questions asked on Part 1 can be provided as an upload in Part 2. Part 2 of the application will be provided once you have submitted Part 1.