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The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of North Carolina


The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of North Carolina is a network of more than 350 churches who voluntarily cooperate to do together for the Kingdom of God what could never be accomplished alone. CBF of North Carolina’s mission is to “bring Baptists of North Carolina together for Christ-centered ministry.” Known for the support it provides congregations in the areas of faith formation, leadership development, and missions, CBFNC expresses itself in a variety of ministries guided by three overarching commitments: transformation, engagement and community.

CBFNC, through its Leadership Development Council, strengthens congregations and develops ministers by providing resources and pastoral guidance for churches in leadership transition and for ministers seeking vocational placement. CBFNC also provides resources for women and men newly discovering their call, training in seminary and through internships as they seek to fulfill and serve out their call as pastors and congregational leaders.

CBFNC congregations are located across the state of North Carolina. The administrative office is centrally located in Winston-Salem. For more information on CBFNC and its ministries, visit the website at CBFNC.org.