Enhancing the Well-Being of Pastors


The purpose of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of North Carolina’s Helping Pastors Thrive Program is to provide pastors ongoing opportunities and environments for relational learning, spiritual formation, and professional development in the practices of Christian ministry across the vocational life span. Through programs informed by mentoring and peer-based learning, Helping Pastors Thrive will meet CBFNC pastors’ needs for professional development and vocational and spiritual well-being as they serve their congregations. Pastors who thrive will inevitably contribute to congregational health and the vitality of their congregation’s ministries in the communities they seek to serve.

Helping Pastors Thrive builds on and significantly expands CBFNC’s support for pastoral leaders by concentrating on the specific contexts and identified needs at three distinct vocational stages: (1) new pastors in their first years of congregational ministry; (2) pastors navigating the complex challenges of pastoral ministry in older, established churches; and, (3) experienced pastors who are 5-7 years away from retirement and desire dedicated time away from their ministries to reflect on the meaning of their vocation, to prepare for their final years of pastoral service, and to share what they have learned with younger pastors.