Application For The pastor-in-residence program, spring 2020


The Application can be accessed through the link below, and consists of two parts. Part 1 must be completed online and includes most of information you will provide. Part 2 of is for uploading documents that might best be shared as PDFs or in a word processing format. Answers to some questions asked on Part 1 can be provided as an upload in Part 2. Part 2 of the application will be provided once you have submitted Part 1.

Each of the four Pastor-In-Residence programs will take place during the Spring semester of 2020. The actual dates for the four week of residency will vary according to the campus where the residency takes place. Actual dates will be determined by the Helping Pastors Thrive program in conversation with the schools and the resident. Generally speaking, the four-weeks will fall between January 24 and March 6, 2020.

Those selected for residency will be provided access to relevant campus resources including the use of the library and on-campus parking. Housing costs, transportation to and from campus, and a meal allowance is provided with the intent to cover expenses related to a four-week residency. In addition, the congregation of the Pastor-in-Residence will receive a weekly supplement to cover expenses incurred by virtue of the pastor’s absence. BECAUSE EACH CAMPUS AND EACH POTENTIAL PASTOR-IN-RESIDENCE IS UNIQUE, AN ACTUAL DETAILED AGREEMENT OUTLINING RESPONSIBILITIES AND SUPPORT WILL BE NEGOTIATED WITH THE HELPING PASTOR THRIVE PROGRAM, THE DIVINITY SCHOOL OR SCHOOL OF DIVINITY, AND THE PASTOR-IN-RESIDENT.

Pastors applying to the Cohort Program must agree to the following expectations:

  1. The program is designed to best benefit those who have extensive experience in pastoral ministry. While there is no stated minimum, years of service will be considered in the selection process. Therefore, applicants must demonstrate a commitment to pastoral ministry that is evidenced in their tenure and service to congregations.

  2. Applicants must be willing to fully participate in the residency by stepping away from the day to day demands of their pastoral role. To support that time away, the residency provides for and requires temporary relocation on or near the campus.

  3. Once selected, the Pastor-in-Resident will work with the Helping Pastors Thrive program and a designated faculty member who will serve as a campus liaison (1) to identify needs and secure housing and other essential campus resources; (2) to create a four-week learning or work plan that will guide the residency; and (3) to determine how the resident might best contribute to the learning community on campus. While the Pastor-in-Residence is primarily focused on his or her learning goals and outcomes, there is an expectation that the resident will interact with current students and faculty as a resource and mentor.